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Maître de Cabine Intercontinental Cabin

In my role as a Maître de Cabine, I deal with problems and issues from the cockpit door through to the tail of the plane. I am the mediator between the cockpit, the ground staff, the passengers and my cabin crew, which means I always have to keep an eye on everything going on.

During the boarding process, I work closely with the flight manager at the gate, who keeps me updated on the status of the boarding process. During the flight, I support my cabin crew and make sure that all services run smoothly. I am also in close contact with the cockpit crew: I discuss all scheduling details with them before and during the flight.

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Team Leader Cabin Crew Line Management

In addition to my role as a Maître de Cabine on board, I have also taken on another job on the ground. As a cabin crew team leader, I am responsible for training, managing and developing my team of around 300 cabin crew members. I am the first port of call for questions and I work with each individual employee to plan out their career. I get to know many of the cabin crew that I look after during the basic course, which means I get to supervise their career in the air right from the very first day.

This additional role makes me one of the central contact partners for all areas involved in day-to-day operations.

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Safety Trainer Swiss Aviation Training

Once a year, all cabin crew members have to complete a training course that lasts several days and covers important principles in day-to-day work on a plane as well as emergency procedures. In addition to my role as a cabin crew member, I am also a safety instructor, which means I am responsible for running these courses.

During training, we practise things like opening and closing the plane doors, rehearse evacuation scenarios and look at how to deal with fires on board. I run these training days with medical and crew resource management instructors. As a safety instructor, I can also help to design computer-based training programmes for cabin crew members.

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Head of Medical Services Medical Services

As an aeromedical examiner, my main job is to conduct legally required medical checks on members of the cockpit team and cabin crew. This involves testing their sight, hearing and stress levels, for instance. One of the most important aspects of my job is to foster an environment of trust and make sure that I am always available to answer any questions my colleagues may have.

The link between medicine and the specific physiological strains involved with flying is a really interesting field of work. My colleagues from the Medical Services team and I are also on hand to answer any questions about work and health from the staff on the ground. What’s more, we run a travel medicine session every afternoon, which is also open to the public.

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In-flight Development Manager Intercontinental In-flight Product & Services

From cutlery and pillows all the way up to pyjamas in first class – as an in-flight development manager, I define the design of our intercontinental fleet products that are not a fixed part of the plane.

Our work has a significant effect on our customers’ travel experience. When we launch a new product, we also work together with members of our cabin crew and catering operations, for instance, to develop the corresponding service measures, so that the product is presented to our customers in the best possible light.

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Cabin Crew Member Cabin

As a flight attendant, I believe in Swiss hospitality and high-quality service in order to offer our guests an authentic, top-class travel experience. Every flight brings me into contact with people from a wide range of countries and cultures. During service, it is therefore important for me to take cultural differences into account, so that our customers feel at ease in all areas.

However, flexibility is not just important when it comes to dealing with our passengers, since my work schedule also changes from month-to-month. Sometimes I travel a lot within Europe and get to go home in the evenings, whereas other times I celebrate Christmas in São Paulo or my birthday in Miami.

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Service Center Agent Service Center Basel

Our online fans and followers often share their emotions and experiences on social media. As a social media agent in Basel, I accompany their entire journey with SWISS on a daily basis. An important part of this role is being able to respond as quickly as possible to any type of post in the language spoken in the customer’s current location – be it Hong Kong or South Africa. Being able to speak a foreign language is therefore essential to my job.

I give SWISS a voice on social media. As such, I am in close contact with a wide range of departments, but especially with our marketing and customer service team.

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Receptionist Facilities Zurich

When customers or visitors come through the doors at our office in Kloten, I am the first contact they have with SWISS. At reception, I take care of tasks such as signing in visitors and accepting or sending out post. And I make sure that everyone who visits us at reception gets a very warm welcome, of course. I am very good at remembering faces and can now tell straight away who is new to us and who might need directions.

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Cabin Interior Development Manager Interior & Infotainment

Manufacturers deliver their planes “empty”, so to speak, which means they have to be equipped by each airline individually. My job is to design the cabin interior in new or renovated planes. This means I am in close contact with the other areas involved, like the Cabin Engineering team and our cabin crews. Outside the company, I work closely with the plane manufacturers and the seat and galley suppliers, which also involves regular business trips.

One of the most exciting things is equipping a plane that is joining the fleet for the first time, like a Boeing 777 or the Bombadier CSeries. As the launch customer, SWISS benefits from a great deal of freedom when designing the interior, while later airline customers are left to pick from a catalogue.

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Head of Pricing Home Markets Pricing Home Markets

My team and I are responsible for pricing and steering for services from Central and Eastern Europe to our global destinations. In this role, it is important that we identify market trends at an early stage, and that we adjust and develop our pricing structures accordingly in order to achieve the highest possible turnover in combination with our dynamic management approach. We recently launched a new pricing model, which will help us to improve our position on the competitive market.

In my job, I place particular value on encouraging and motivating the colleagues on my team. We hold regular feedback meetings to set out individual goals and discuss training options.

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Added Value Offer Analyst Business Optimisation & Direct Services

Alongside our flights, we also offer our customers a range of other services and products. This includes seat reservations, upgrades to business class, extra luggage and lots more. I am responsible for making sure we achieve the ideal level of revenue and maximum profitability with these services.

Last summer, we put together our first ever extra service packages for our flights, creating our Branded Fares. Our customers can now pick from a selection of price brackets, depending on whether they need more luggage, a seat reservation, or flexible travel. I conduct cost effectiveness analyses for new products and set the price. For existing products, I conduct regular profitability and competitor analyses to determine whether they are still competitive on the market. My job brings me into contact with various different departments because I represent the Revenue Management team in all projects related to the issue of added services and products. In our bid to standardise products, I am also in close contact with experts from the Lufthansa Group.

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Senior Application Engineer E-Commerce

Our team is responsible for looking after the swiss.com website. We are constantly enhancing the platform, so that it always offers customers the best possible user experience. We fix any faults as quickly as possible and add new functions, like our new booking system, which allows our passengers to book a flight in just a few clicks. My role is to incorporate this type of system into the website.

We work closely with the Online & Direct Sales team, liaising with the managers in charge to decide how our team can bring various projects and associated functions to life.

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Business Analyst & Senior Project Leader IT to Business Alignment Shared Services

In my role as a business analyst & project leader, I coordinate and supervise projects, supporting departments with any issues related to the field of IT. I act as a mediator between the IT team and other parts of the company. My main responsibilities lie in project management and coordinating lots of different departments. I am in charge of the entire project management process, starting with the preparation of business requirements based on a department’s needs and ending with the launch of the finished product. The most exciting aspect of this work is that I get to learn about new business processes on every single project, giving me a deep insight into other areas of the company.

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Group Sales Agent Group Desk

Large groups who want to book onto a SWISS flight are automatically forwarded to me. I issue quotes and also look after the booking process. This means that I am in constant contact with both travel agents and our direct customers, making sure that every group trip is a great success. Being able to speak foreign languages is key to my job. Along with Switzerland, I am also responsible for looking after the Brazilian market.

My role also involves looking after various associations in Switzerland, such as sports clubs that use SWISS to travel to training camps or competitions. Working with the freight department and other SWISS offices around the world, I help to plan the itinerary, such as by making sure that sports equipment is transported as normal luggage without any issues. My number one goal is to make sure that our customers are happy.

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Interaction Design Expert IT Systems & Interaction Design

I shape and define interactions for SWISS-specific software, online and mobile applications. This means that my customers are actually my colleagues. We hold workshops and interviews to analyse what SWISS employees need and expect. Our project team then incorporates the results into the corresponding applications. My role involves both visualising the initial ideas during the planning phase as well as actually bringing these plans to life and integrating them into an application.

Every project enables me to meet new colleagues and learn about different areas of SWISS. This is what makes my job so varied and exciting.

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Maître de Cabine Intercontinental Cabin

An important part of my job is the cabin briefing, which I run in my role as Maître de Cabine. This is where we lay the foundations for a successful flight. To make sure the team works well together and that they feel motivated, I try to cultivate a pleasant environment right from the very first minute. Often, we have never even met each other before and have to quickly become a team, so that everything goes smoothly on board. It is always fun to see how quickly we form a unit. Good team spirit has a positive effect on the service quality and hospitality on board.

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Cabin Crew Member Cabin

As a cabin crew member, my job is to make sure that our guests are safe and receive good service. Careful flight preparation is an essential part of making sure this happens. Before every flight, the Maître de Cabine holds a crew briefing, during which we discuss the service schedule, safety issues and our areas of responsibility on the plane.

No day at work is the same as the next: new destinations, an ever-changing crew, and different guests every time. This variety is why I love my job so much.

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First Officer A330/340 Airbus Fleet Long-haul

You need to be well-prepared if you are going to lift a machine weighing several hundred tonnes off the ground with just a small hand movement and then steer it to a far-off country.

Depending on the length of the flight, the cockpit crew on long-haul flights consists of two or three members. Before taking off, we use the documents from our flight dispatcher on the ground to prepare for the flight together. Based on our experience and the situation on the day, such as the weather conditions or special operating circumstances, we conduct a risk analysis and calculate how much fuel we will need. During this process, we ask questions like: can we still fly over the Atlantic even though one of the runways is closed at our alternate airport in Keflavík? How much of a weather risk is there at our destination? Are any of our connecting flights delayed and does this mean that we have to fly faster? Countless factors affect the important decisions we have to make.

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Flight Dispatch Specialist Flight Dispatch

As a flight dispatcher, I am responsible for the flight preparations and schedules for our fleet and I also help our cockpit crews prepare for their briefings, such as by providing them with information about the weather conditions on their route or calculating how much fuel they need to top up according to ecological and economical principles.

Since our department is open 24 hours a day, I work in shifts. We have to be on hand to help our cockpit crews or the operations centre at all times. I guess you could call us a help desk that guarantees support for flight operations.

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Network Duty Manager Operations Control

Network Operations Control is at the heart of flight operations: it is where all the threads of fleet management come together. As the network duty manager, I am the highest operations manager in the company and am in charge of running all departments – on both an operational and personnel level – in a three-shift model.

I am responsible for the safe, punctual and economic operation of all flights. I also make regular decisions about how we can improve the fleet and am in charge of international troubleshooting. In the event of irregularities, such as if a flight has to be cancelled, I am the one who makes the final decision. In cases like this, close teamwork with our dispatchers, the maintenance team and crew control is very important in order to find the best solution after taking all aspects into consideration.

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Cargo Hub Operations Control Agent Service Recovery & Hub Operations

I visit our freight halls at the airport several times a day to discuss capacity planning for our flights and change plans if necessary. As a cargo hub operations controller, I check the scheduling for our long- and short-haul flights. I work closely with the Operations Network Control team, with handling agents such as Cargologic and Swissport, as well as with our flight dispatchers.

I’m also out on the apron a lot: if we have flights with special freight or passenger luggage, I check to make sure that an animal has enough water or whether a valuable painting has been loaded safely, for example. I feel very proud to hold such a responsible role in this complex “machine”.

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Legal Counsel Director Legal Department

I guess you could say that I provide legal services for other divisions. I also check various contracts concluded between SWISS and its customers or business partners. Furthermore, I am responsible for handling any claims for damages or other legal cases related to our customers or suppliers. These issues can result in judicial proceedings, in which case I am in charge of the legal side of things.

Protecting our brands is an important part of what I do. Our team makes strategic decisions on registering trademarks, completes the necessary registration processes, and supervises civil proceedings in the event of any trademark infringements.

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Brand Management Brand & Communication Development

One of the best things about my career is the variety and the chance to interact with people from an array of different departments. This includes helping to create SWISS’ visual brand. Working with photographers and a production company, I plan and manage photo shoots for the brand to make sure our numerous products and services are showcased in the best light. For example, I work with the Ground Services department to make sure our lounge architecture keeps getting better and better.

I am also responsible for designing all in-flight products. I work with our branding agency to come up with the gifts that we hand out to our customers on special occasions. And last but not least, I have an important say in the way the SWISS brand is presented to the world, since I am also responsible for our aircraft paintwork, making sure we present a uniform visual brand.

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Commander A320 Airbus Fleet Short-haul

The interaction between the plane, people and nature never ceases to amaze me every time I fly. As a commander, I am mainly responsible for flying a state-of-the-art machine, but my role also involves managing a new team of colleagues every day and turning them into a well-oiled unit. When on board, it is essential that we can rely on the crew. That is the only way we can work together to confidently deal with technical or operating irregularities.

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First Officer A320 Airbus Fleet Short-haul

Working as a team in the cockpit can be demanding. To bring a commercial plane and all of its passengers, freight and crew from A to B safely and on schedule, we have to work closely with all of the teams involved. Good communication with the cabin crew is essential. However, our work with the air traffic controllers, maintenance team, operations centre and loading team also has to be seamless in order to plan and perform a successful flight.

I really value the teamwork and feeling of solidarity in my work. And once all of the flight preparations are complete and we have received permission to take-off, I get to enjoy that moment above the clouds – which I fall in love with all over again, every single time.

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Business Analyst Corporate Development

My primary role is to manage and coordinate projects that aim to bring our corporate strategy to life both inside and outside the company – in other words, for both our customers and our staff. I also coordinate internal strategy communications, as well as running workshops to foster a deeper understanding of our strategy, for instance. I need to keep an eye on all the various aspects in everything that I do and always base my work around our strategic focus areas.

My role enables me to work with an array of different departments and I really value this type of contact. In flight operations, for example, I am working on a project that aims to improve the quality of our crews’ flight preparation processes, so that we can offer our passengers an even better flight experience.

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Security Manager Security

The Security department is the centre of expertise for any issues relating to safety and security. It is part of the Security Association, which is made up of national and international supervisory and safety authorities, airport operators and their security bodies, as well as the relevant departments at SWISS and other airlines. Within my role, I take part in various security committees, which always makes for a unique and varied working environment.

During these interdisciplinary meetings, we represent our company’s interests to protect our passengers, our staff and our flights against criminal and terrorist threats.

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Deputy Head of Flight Data Monitoring Flight Data Monitoring

In the event of technical problems or if a plane exceeds one of the pre-defined limits, such as by violating landing distance or speed tolerances, the relevant data is automatically transmitted to our system (EMS = Event Measurement System). I analyse the parameters, process them and pass them on to the crew for detailed analysis and response. This contact is based on strictest confidentiality. If any questions remain after analysis, I get in touch with the crew involved. We discuss the data together and record findings. We learn lessons and formulate what we call “take home messages”, which we use to outline how we can prevent similar irregularities from occurring in future.

As a former commander, I enjoy direct contact with the cockpit crews. I also work closely with our training managers to maintain and improve flight safety.

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Senior Type Rating Examiner A330/340 Operations Training

Once a year, every commander and first officer at SWISS completes two simulator checks, two simulator and classroom training sessions, a line check, as well as ground training, which covers emergency procedures on board. In addition to my role as a commander on the Airbus 330/340, I am also an instructor for these training sessions and checks.

As part of this job, I not only train and assess participants’ flying skills, I also look at their soft skills, such as decision-making and teamwork. My work is based on the regulations issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and benchmarks set out by our officials and SWISS.

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First Officer A320 Airbus Fleet Short-haul

Flying, technology, clear structures, but still lots of surprises – that is how I would describe an average day at work. Plus I get to sit in an office with a wonderful view. On short-haul flights, the cockpit crew consists of two people: the commander and the first officer. In the briefing before the flight, we decide who will act as pilot flying and who will be pilot monitoring during the flight. The former flies the plane while the latter supervises and provides support.

In the cockpit, no-one ever does anything before informing the other person first. This approach is what acts as our safety net. We make decisions based on the shared mental model: we both share our opinions, so that the commander can ultimately make a good decision.

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Expert Aircraft Engineer Line Maintenance Geneva

When I was little, I used to love taking my toy planes apart and putting them back together again. Nowadays, I do exactly the same but just on a much larger scale and on actual aeroplanes. As an aircraft engineer, my job is to maintain and service our fleet of planes. The aim is to prevent any problems before they can even occur. If necessary, I check the planes on the apron before they take-off. I work in the hangar while the planes undergo their annual inspections.

My job involves a great deal of responsibility and I find it a huge motivation to watch a plane take off and know that I have contributed to that.

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Fleet Engineer Aircraft Systems Engineering

As a fleet engineer, one of my main jobs is to keep a constant eye on the technology in our fleet of planes and engines. I respond proactively to any problems that arise. The Maintenance department then uses repair manuals to carry out repairs on the plane. I am the best port of call for any colleagues looking for technical support.

Contact with the Maintenance team and interaction with plane and engine manufacturers are very important to me because I have to work closely with both of them to trace the cause of any potential damage.

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Social Media & Dialog Marketing Manager Social Media & Dialog Marketing

Is Twitter more exciting than Facebook? Do we need a Snapchat account? Who are the most important influencers on Instagram? What are the latest trends in newsletters? How quickly should you respond to a tweet? I handle questions like this on a daily basis.

My team and I deal with challenges and innovations from the world of digital communication and are always on the lookout for the latest trends. To find out what our public care about, we are always in close digital contact with our customers.

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Brand Communications Brand & Communication Development

There is almost no department at SWISS that I haven’t created print material for. It starts with a pocket guide for explaining our new pricing concept and extends to designing a high-quality complex HON brochure that our Core Customer department sends out to our best customers. To do this, I start by working closely with the customer to develop a briefing and then coordinate the project with agencies for layout, translation and printing.

The thing I like most about my work is the chance to be creative. I often don’t know where my journey will take me to begin with, but when I have the finished product in my hands and everyone is impressed, it feels great.

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Head of Marketing Communication Campaigns Marketing Communication Campaigns

Along with creativity, my job requires a lot of entrepreneurial spirit and people management skills. With my team of six communication specialists, I shape SWISS’ global communication strategy. We work with the company’s media and creative agencies to develop national and international communication campaigns. Strong and regular communication between all parties is therefore very important to us. When I am recruiting new staff members, I not only look at their professional skills, I also make sure they will bring the right sense of team spirit to the table.

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Senior Recruitment & Talent Scouting Manager Ground Recruitment

Whether we need new cabin crew, recently qualified cockpit staff or a new marketing specialist: my team and I are responsible for recruiting applicants – on the ground, for our cabins or in our cockpits. Our job starts with advertising the position and managing the entire application process, and it ends with the final negotiations on employment conditions.

I make up part of the interview panel along with the department looking for candidates and take on an advisory role. As well as looking at the applicant’s specialist skills, I also look at whether they will fit in with SWISS and our corporate culture.

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