SWISS Taste of Switzerland

Haute cuisine and an award-winning concept

SWISS Taste of Switzerland offers SWISS First and Business guests a range of culinary specialities from various parts of Switzerland. Top chefs change the menus every three months with specialities from their home cantons. The "International Travel Catering Association" has honoured the concept with its Mercury Award.


SWISS selection

Which wines are served?

The gourmet SWISS Taste of Switzerland concept features regional specialities prepared by top Swiss chefs. The wines chosen to accompany the current menu (one red, one white) and sourced from the same region as the guest chef. If it is not a wine-producing region, wines from the nearest suitable Swiss location are provided.


Stars, points, haute cuisine

Gourmet cuisine from Zurich

"The Restaurant" in the Dolder Grand Hotel has 18 Gault Millau points and two Michelin stars. Heiko Nieder, Head of Fine Dining, is one of the top Swiss chefs who have created a variety of culinary delights for SWISS Taste of Switzerland. So it's not surprising that our airline dining concept has been honoured with the renowned Mercury Award.


Tradition – with a touch of innovation

Authentic cuisine with a view of the Matterhorn

Vrony and Max Cotting-Julen pamper and delight their guests at 2100 m above sea level, high above the town of Zermatt. With dried meat, sausages and mountain cheese from cattle fed on alpine grass. With recipes that have been passed down and refined from generation to generation. And with specialities that are also served as part of our SWISS Taste of Switzerland menu.


Gate Gourmet

Haute cuisine on board

The low-pressure atmosphere of an aircraft cabin subtly changes our perception of taste. Gate Gourmet, an official SWISS partner, knows how to adapt the top chefs' recipes using quality ingredients and seasonings to ensure the end product served on flights is just as exclusive as the original prepared in gourmet restaurants.


Service on board

Culinary skills and hospitality

During the flight, the finishing touches are added to the specialities created by top Swiss chefs and pre-cooked by Gate Gourmet. The flight attendants prepare and garnish the dishes in the galley, the aircraft's kitchen, before serving this exquisite cuisine to passengers in SWISS First and SWISS Business.


Swiss cuisine, Swiss products

Regionally sourced food

The SWISS Taste of Switzerland culinary concept brings fine dining to SWISS flights. The renowned chefs who create menus for SWISS featuring local specialities only use products that grow, are cultivated and produced in their regions.

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